Our Long-Standing Heritage

Owner Brettland Straw, qualified as a jewellery designer and manufacturer at the Natal Technicon in 1985. Brett developed his trade and design expertise further by working with some of the world’s best jewellery manufacturers in Valenza, Italy.

Brettlands Fine Jewellers was subsequently established in 1986, specialising in handmade jewellery. Whilst keeping abreast of local and international design trends and technology, Brettland’s has remained focused on the unique and specific design requirements of the customer, providing a personalised service that matches their needs with new ideas and design trends, to ensure a uniquely-valuable piece for each customer.

The Brettlands name is a trusted and recognised brand associated with exacting standards of craftmanship and outstanding aftersales service. At Brettlands we like to believe that people, given the choice, prefer the old way of jewellery manufacturing. This is when we, as goldsmiths, talk to our customers to create jewellery that will express and be a part of their personality, thereby creating heirlooms of the future.

Otto Poulsen started his business in Durban 67 years ago. He was soon to be recognised as the most prominent engagement ring Jeweller and was renowned for fine workmanship and unique design. Otto was the first jeweller in South Africa to market the anatomically design ring shank, which is shaped to fit the finger.

In 1999 Otto Poulsen retired and Lovell Robertson Jewellers bought the business and renamed it Poulsen Robertson. Robert Pavid and Donald Wright successfully ran the business, keeping up the exacting standards in manufacture and design.

Brettland Poulsen
On 1st March 2017, Rob Pavid retired. Brettlands has purchased the business, renaming it Brettland Poulsen.