Whilst 2020 ushered in such radical changes to our world, what began as fear, shock, and horror also brought about a greater sense of humility, awareness, and togetherness.

With major economic change and enforced lockdown, we all became far more frugal and deliberate in our spending. People were also finding themselves saving money not eating out, on hair appointments, social functions and gatherings, and all forms of shopping in general.

However, this year, we’ve already started to see our economy improving and our Rand strengthening against the US Dollar, which means that now is the time to purchase that diamond ring you’ve been wanting! Purse strings, once tied tight, began to loosen and businesses started to see improvements after moving into level one. What money was saved during this crisis, is now being spent and our economy is seeing the benefits.

By supporting local retailers and restaurants, businesses are slowly regaining their footing on more stable ground. It’s time to turn the corner and get business booming again! We would like to thank all our patrons for their continued support. Come and visit us in-store and we’ll assist you in spoiling yourselves with one of our many unique, bespoke jewellery pieces, or assist you in re-modelling, repairing or, appraising any of your existing treasures.

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